Certification Scheme Manager

Overview of the Company

As part of the Amtivo group, Orion Registrar Inc. is a US-based certification body, offering a range of popular certifications to both national and international organizations.

As an ANAB-accredited certification body, Orion Registrar enables organizations to demonstrate their commitment to excellence through certifications that verify their ability to operate in accordance with internationally recognized standards, such as ISO9001 Quality Management, AS9100 for the Aerospace industry and R2V3 for the Recycling industry.

Orion Registrar is based in Arvada which is located in Denver, Colorado.

Role Overview:

To lead the management of the Certification Schemes.


  • Review and approval of all management system documentation related to the recycling schemes
  • Review and reporting on changes to the standards, providing comprehensive updates to the Compliance Director.
  • Establish, implement and maintain certification schemes, through a documented management system confirming to the requirements of ISO/IEC 17021:2011.
  • Preparing training modules and provide training to assessment personnel.
  • Support the compilation of auditor profile and competencies, and maintenance of ongoing competency requirements.
  • Liaising with external organizations (E.G. GWO, SERI) on issues related to the certification scheme when required.
  • Liaising with the accreditation body (ies) on matters related to accreditation, as required and directed by the Compliance Director.
  • Coordination with team on day- to- day activities related to certification including technical review, contract review and certification decision.
  • Supervise contract review process based on request for quotations and related information and approve CR in line with the internal KPIs
  • Review and prepare updates required for any transitions to standards
  • Support and co-ordinate as required the ANAB witness audit programme.
  • Supporting the Internal audits process and ensuring all NCRs are adequately addressed.
  • Participate in Management review meetings.
  • Review of all client correspondences and initiating actions on complaints of technical (operational) nature and appeals. Participate in the process of review of complaints and proceeds of appeals committee.
  • Ensure the monthly reporting requirements to agencies, accreditation bodies are completed
  • Prioritize daily workload related to the business priorities
  • Highlight any opportunities for knowledge development across operational teams and ensure sufficient competent resources are available to provide a robust compliance management system, including effective and efficient contract reviews, audit report decisions, client certificate updates and contract reviews.
  • Supporting technical queries from Account Managers and Sales.
  • Provide appropriate reports, general feedback and performance statistics on the key compliance management system processes as directed by the Compliance Director to support the ongoing needs of the business.
  • Ensure the internal CRM is updated in line with any changes in process.
  • Weekly reporting on Operational tasks to ensure TR, CR and CD are meeting KPIs.


High-level behavioral indicators:

  • Approachable, measured, tenacious and resilient. Inspires confidence and role models “what good looks like”
  • Has passion for what we do and communicates that openly to others internally and externally
  • Collaborates freely across the organisation, breaking down barriers, and encouraging effective team working
  • Anticipates the needs of colleagues and clients and proactively takes considerate action to help and support them.
  • Seeks clarification of needs and requirements where they are unclear, and it is important that the needs/requirements are satisfied accurately and in full.
  • Proactive in dealing with issues that arise and communicating them effectively at team meetings.

Success Criteria:

  • Certification Schemes are managed in compliance with 17021, internal company QMS and relevant COPs to ensure that there is no high risk to accreditation.

How to Apply

Please send your resume, with a cover letter, to recruitment@amtivo.com