Tom Crockford

Chief Financial Officer


Tom is a highly accomplished leader with a strong track record in driving growth for B2B businesses, particularly in regulated environments. He possesses a deep understanding of the needs and challenges faced by Small and Medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), recognizing their pivotal role as the backbone of major economies.

During his time at Bionic, Tom’s tenure witnessed remarkable success as the business tripled in size through a combination of organic growth and strategic mergers and acquisitions. Through innovative technological solutions and unwavering support, the company effectively served over 150,000 UK SMEs. Now, Tom brings his wealth of expertise to Amtivo.

As the Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Tom assumes responsibility for overseeing all financial operations and identifying potential M&A opportunities. He actively seeks ambitious businesses catering to customers in the ISO space, as he remains keenly interested in such ventures.

Furthermore, Tom is driven by his passion for fostering an exceptional work environment for all colleagues. Leading the HR function, he strives to attract, retain, and nurture a remarkable team that consistently delivers exceptional results for customers day in and day out.