Compliance Manager – Amtivo Italia

Overview of Company

Amtivo Group is a leading British group in the world of certifications, which operates in 27 countries with approximately 30,000 active certificates, thanks to multiple international accreditations, including Accredia in Italy, UKAS in the United Kingdom and EIAC in the United Arab Emirates.

Who are we looking for?

Amtivo Italia is looking for an individual who will take up implementation the core Amtivo compliance management systems and compliance-related ways of working into the Amtivo Italia business and its culture. Areas of particular focus include:

  • Adoption of the Amtivo Connect system.
  • Auditor competency development and report writing standards

In steady state the Compliance Manager is primarily accountable for:

  1. Ensuring all risks to Amtivo Italia’s accreditations are identified and measure are taken to ensure they are managed to an acceptable level.
  2. The execution of extremely slick and robust contract review, audit report sign-off, certification decision and auditor competency management processes.



  • Maintain and develop a rolling 3-year accreditation plans for each accreditation held.
  • Maintain and develop an effective QMS that enables Amtivo Italia to deliver its product, service and business objectives and maintain compliance with relevant accreditation body and stakeholder requirements.
  • Identify opportunities to add new accreditations or extensions to accreditations scopes appropriate to Amtivo and Amtivo Italia’s target customers.
  • Work closely with the CPO and Amtivo Italia’s Commercial/Operational leads to ensure that the compliance teams resources required to deliver the Amtivo Italia’s commercial plans are accurately identified and incorporated into annual budgets and 3-year plans.
  • Support the Amtivo Italia’s Commercial/Operational leads to maintain appropriate technical and professional training and development plans for all auditors
  • Pro-actively develop and maintain strong communication channels with all relevant accreditation bodies and industry forums.
  • Advise the CPO on compliance risks arising from the development of new Amtivo Italia’s product and service offerings and help identify commercially attractive solutions to address them.


  • Motivate, engage and coach compliance team members as appropriate to ensure that they enjoy their role, feel fully supported and execute their responsibilities and accountabilities to best of their capabilities.
  • Where required undertake compliance activities required to implement the QMS (e.g. file reviews, certification decisions, contract reviews, witnessed audits, auditor competency approvals, auditor training, internal audits, management reviews).
  • Provide clear leadership in communication with and management of expectations of accreditation bodies (e.g. Accredia).
  • Work closely with the Amtivo Italia’s Commercial/Operational leads to ensure the highest levels of certification service delivery effectiveness and customer satisfaction.
  • Maintain constant vigilance of emerging compliance management system risks and opportunities particularly with regards changing accreditation body requirements and implementation of changes to product/service offerings by Amtivo Italia’s.


  • Provide appropriate reports and performance statistics on the key compliance management system processes.
  • Ensure that periodic product performance and compliance reports are provided accurately, consistently and on time e.g. monthly (as agreed with the CPO), and weekly operations meetings
  • Identify the implications from periodic reporting and recommend actions to all appropriate stakeholders to ensure that compliance risks are managed and effectively addressed


  • Ensure compliance team has sufficient competent resources to provide a robust compliance management system and extremely slick contract reviews, audit report sign-offs, client certificate updates and auditor recruitment.
  • Proactively identify improvement opportunities in IT systems, auditor tools/equipment and supporting infrastructure.

Success criteria

  • Highly effective cross-functional collaboration between compliance, sales, client services and service delivery.
  • Full utilisation of the knowledge and resources of the wider Amtivo Group, particularly the UKAS hub and the Group IT team.
  • Strong, collaborative working relationships with the UKAS and ANAB Compliance Directors and the Amtivo Group Assurance Director.
  • Full adoption by all Amtivo Certification business operating at scale.
  • Compliance operating efficiencies for Amtivo Italia that are similar to or higher than the best achieved by other Amtivo compliance hubs.


High-level behavioural indicators

  • Sets high standards for employee behaviours.
  • A meticulous planner and well organised.
  • Works at pace, identifies problems and develops innovative and sensible solutions.
  • Professional, clear and considerate in their communications.
  • Approachable, measured, tenacious and resilient. Inspires confidence and role models “what good looks like”
  • Creates a culture of accountability where direct reports, other colleagues and subcontractors are motivated, engaged and aligned with organisational goals
  • Proactively looks for ways to evolve and drive the business model, anticipates challenges and seizes opportunity
  • Has passion for what we do and communicates that openly to others internally and externally
  • Collaborates freely across the organisation, breaking down turf barriers, and encouraging effective team working
  • Anticipates the needs of colleagues and clients and proactively takes considerate action to help and support them.
  • Seeks clarification of needs and requirements where they are unclear, and it is important that the needs/requirements are satisfied accurately and in full.
  • Takes responsibility for development of their own competency and capability.

Essential and desirable skills and experience:

Essential qualifications and experience:

  • Head or deputy head of compliance for a certification body accredited for ISO 17021-1 with an IAF accreditation body.
  • Management of a team of 10+ employees operating in business requiring strong cross-functional collaboration.
  • Leadership of or key participation in change projects that had significant business impact.
  • Fluent in Italian and English.

 Desirable (but not essential) qualifications and experience:

  • Experience of ISO 17065 accreditation.
  • Hands-on experience in contract reviews, technical reviews, certification decisions.
  • Degree (or equivalent) in an engineering or scientific field.

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