Amtivo Group celebrates Feefo awards for British Assessment Bureau and Certification Europe 

We are delighted to congratulate two distinguished members of Amtivo Group – British Assessment Bureau and Certification Europe – for earning prestigious Feefo awards which truly exemplify their ongoing dedication to customer satisfaction and superior service. 

British Assessment Bureau celebrates a decade of excellence 

We are thrilled to share that British Assessment Bureau has achieved the Feefo award for “10 Years of Excellence & Trusted Service” – a remarkable milestone for the business.  

To succeed in obtaining this Feefo award, businesses must maintain a service rating of at least 4.5 out of 5 for ten consecutive years. Feefo’s stringent criteria ensure that exceptional service is consistently provided over an extended period of time. 

British Assessment Bureau has consistently set the bar high in the field of certification and training. This achievement reflects their commitment to maintaining the highest standards as well as their ability to adapt and innovate in a dynamic business landscape. Amtivo Group is honoured to be associated with an organisation that continually strives for excellence, providing clients with services of unparalleled quality. 

Certification Europe achieves Feefo’s “Gold Trusted Service Award” for the second consecutive year 

We are also delighted to recognise and celebrate Certification Europe’s achievement in earning the prestigious Feefo Gold Trusted Service Award for the second year running – a symbol of their unwavering dedication to delivering outstanding customer service and exceptional performance throughout 2023. 

Certification Europe surpassed the requirement of 50 reviews in a given year and achieved an outstanding Feefo service rating of 4.9 out of 5 to secure this award. 

The business has consistently demonstrated an exemplary approach to customer engagement, garnering positive feedback and building trust with their ISO certification and training clients. This achievement is not only a testament to their professionalism, but a reflection of the strong relationships they have established with their clients over the years. 

Committed to excellence and collaboration 

At Amtivo Group, we believe in fostering a culture of collaboration and excellence among our brands. The achievements of British Assessment Bureau and Certification Europe illustrate the values we hold close – integrity, commitment to quality, and customer-centricity. Their success reflects positively on the collective strength of the Amtivo group and our commitment to promoting excellence across all facets of our operations. 

As we celebrate the success of our partners, we also recognise the valuable role that customer feedback plays in shaping our businesses. Feefo awards and the Feefo badges we proudly display are not merely symbols; they represent a commitment to listening, learning, and continually improving to meet and exceed customer expectations.