Amtivo Group expands UK Portfolio with the acquisition of Advanced Certification Ltd.

Advanced Certification Amtivo Group

Amtivo Group is pleased to announce the successful acquisition of Advanced Certification Ltd (Advanced Certification), a prominent UK-based ISO certification body specialising in quality, environmental and health and safety ISO management standards.

The acquisition of Advanced Certification means that Amtivo Group will benefit from the considerable expertise of the Advanced  Management Team – their specialisation in quality, environmental and health and safety management standards perfectly aligns with Amtivo’s existing certification business. In becoming part of the Amtivo group, their clients will be able to benefit from a wider range of accredited standards, expertise in the industry and a market-leading tech-enabled delivery platform.

The addition of Advanced Certification to Amtivo’s family is the most recent in a series of acquisitions completed by Amtivo Group during 2023. These acquisitions underline Amtivo’s steadfast commitment to expanding its global footprint and enhancing its capabilities to provide comprehensive certification solutions to clients across diverse industries.

Welcoming Advanced Certification to the Amtivo Group, CEO Mike Tims said: “Advanced Certification is a fantastic addition to our growing family. This acquisition reinforces Amtivo’s position as a leader in the global certification landscape and underscores our commitment to providing the SME sector with a broad-based, tech-enabled, professional service. With Advanced Certification joining the Amtivo Group, we are poised for an exciting future as we continue to grow the certification and related services that we can offer our growing client base.”

James Gibb, Managing Director of Advanced Certification said “When Amtivo approached Advanced Certification, it was clear to the Shareholders that Amtivo was the perfect match, not only in terms of reputation and the compatibility of approach to conformity assessment, but also in the way the initial approach and acquisition process was managed. From start to finish, the team from Amtivo were available at any time to support the process, ensuring that all parties achieved the desired result.”

About Amtivo Group:

Amtivo Group is a leading global certification and quality assurance company, dedicated to empowering businesses with cutting-edge solutions. With a focus on excellence, integrity and client satisfaction, Amtivo Group is committed to shaping a world where quality is paramount.

About Advanced Certification

Advanced Certification Limited is a Bristol-based, UKAS-accredited certification body, with expertise in quality, environmental and health and safety management standards.