Peter Rossi CTO Amtivo

Following the acquisition of InfoSaaS in March 2021, and the successful integration of that business into our Activ brand, Amtivo Group is delighted to announce the appointment of Peter Rossi as Chief Technology Officer.

Peter has an impressive breadth and depth of experience in building scalable, SaaS platforms that offer client-focussed functionality in high-pressure, demanding sectors such as Formula 1, Government services, Corporate Governance and Risk Management. His experience in delivering innovative solutions, for the likes of McLaren, Honda, Tesco and Barclays further demonstrates the quality of his work, while his involvement in building, growing and advising start-ups demonstrates his ability to support businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Over the past nine months, Peter has been working with teams across Amtivo to ensure the smooth integration of the InfoSaaS technology into the wider business. In doing so, he has developed a thorough understanding of Amtivo’s core tech enablement platform (Amtivo Connect) and its client-facing products (Activ).

Mike Tims, Group CEO, commented “Peter is uniquely placed to work with our outstanding tech and product teams to further develop our best in class technology platform and we are delighted to welcome him aboard.”